Gold Palace holds a footprint in South India, which includes well-established store in kallachi. The stores display an extensive range of beautiful Gold and silver jewellery with remarkable stories to tell. We are proud to have played a key part in the journey of many women’s most important life events and know that the gold we create and stones we cut today are destined to be the legendary jewels of tomorrow.

Having harvested the loyalty of a wide customer base, the Gold palace brand has relentlessly evolved to keep pace with changing trends, emerging as the first choice of families across generations. Our fascination with the emotional power of gold has transformed Gold palace into a global hallmark of innovation, creativity and artisanship.

This venture helped make beautiful fine Indian jewelry available to a wider audience of jewelry collectors and enthusiasts all over the calicut. Gold Palace carries more than 500 unique, often limited, jewelry items at a time with designs ranging from traditional Indian bridal jewelry to timeless contemporary styles, featuring 22K gold, 18K gold, 14K gold, and precious stone details. Each piece is artisan-made for a personalized touch that’s exclusively yours.


Gold Ornaments

In India, jewellery is synonymous with gold. The bling precious metal doesn’t just have an aesthetic value but is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of our country. We consider gold as a very auspicious metal which stands for purity, prosperity, and wealth. Without any second thoughts, one of the prime attractions at a wedding is the charming bride. All eyes will be on her on the big day and her wedding looks matter too! Jewellery represents a vital part of the bridal look; it completes the overall look of the bride and accentuates her on her special day. It is hardly possible for anyone to ignore this yellow-tinted precious metal. Gold is beautiful. It is surreal and pure. The most remarkable thing about gold is that it has been here for centuries that had passed and will remain here for centuries to come.

Gold never loses its sheen and never goes out of trend. In fact, the demand and love for gold are only going to rise with each passing day. This is the reason why gold is considered as the best investment.  If you are a bride-to-be or preparing to tie the knot with the love of your life, here’s a list of 5 magnificent must-have necklaces that will make you look stunning and ethereal on your big day. Their wedding gives them a chance to dive a little deeper into their sea of love for gold. Needless to say, Indian women are one of the biggest consumers of gold. Well, we can’t blame our women. Gold jewellery has been a massive fascination among women across the globe.

 With the Indus Valley Civilization, the history of Indian jewellery began around 5,000 years ago, when jewellery designs in gold became prominent. Gold accessories are a few things that existed forever but gained cultural and economic value from this period onwards. Gold is an immensely flexible and durable metal that can easily be melted and re-forged. This makes gold jewellery a compulsory part of a woman’s wardrobe. Women in India truly love gold jewellery. Weddings are one of the most ancient traditions in the world, celebrated by people all over the map and through time.

 A wedding is not just about a big party or about tying the knot – It is a celebration of love, traditions, elegance, abundance and most of all, the auspicious beginning of a new journey. It holds a promising place in Indian culture and is considered to be the luxury of gods and goddesses and hence helps in inviting them during various festivities and celebrations.  Looking at it from a financial perspective gives a clear hint that investing in gold is always going to garner profit. The price of gold rises every year and needless to say, people who invest in gold always find themselves on the greener side.


One piece of jewellery that shouldn’t be overlooked is the humble gold bangle. The Indian bracelet-cum-bangle known as kada, plays a significant role in a woman’s life. Kadas and bangles are an integral part of her appearance, whether she is a toddler or an older woman. The bangles’ tinkling sound sparkles in a rainbow of hues and has beautiful designs.

Gold bangles for sale on Jewel Street range from the simple yet timeless round bangle to uber delicate and intricate designs to jewel adorned pieces of beauty that can help but command the attention of those who lay eyes on it.  It has long been a vital component of the romance and tradition of Indian ethnic clothing. Numerous cinema songs in different Indian languages discuss the sound of bangles and their allure.


Necklaces are important jewelry pieces that can make your look. From pendants and chains to gemstones and lockets, there is a variety of necklace designs and sizes. Not only are necklaces a decoration for the body, but they also serve as communication pieces. They have the power to express your identity, religious beliefs, and culture. Necklaces have a very long history. In fact, they may have been one of the earliest types of jewelry worn by human beings.

 A must have for all jewellery lovers, pendant necklaces are one of the most versatile ornaments that not only enhance your style statement but also allow you to show off your personality. Some trending styles include the tree necklace, moon & stars, bars and stones such as Labradorean and Lapis Lazuli. Gold vermeil and 18 carat gold necklaces are popular metal choices and these pendant necklaces are suitable for pretty much all necklines.

Early cultures made simple necklaces from bone beads, teeth, or shells. In ancient Egypt, the upper class wore collars ornamented with glass and pottery beads. The ancient Greeks made gold necklaces ornamented with animal’s shapes or fringe-detailed pendants. They also wore long gold chain necklaces with cameos and little perfume containers. Another early necklace was the torque, an ancient Celtic piece made of twisted metal.


Rings can be the perfect jewellery piece to wear every day. With contemporary designs that can be worn morning through to night, they are an essential piece to every jewellery box. With a wealth of ring types to choose from, there is something to reflect everyone’s unique style. If you feel overwhelmed by pairing rings together, ring sets are a simple solution.

We have created a range of ring sets that have been designed to fit effortlessly together, taking all the hard work away from you! You can choose to wear these pieces together on one finger, or space them out across your hand. A band ring is exactly what it sounds like, these are plain rings not embellished with any stones. Despite this, there are still a variety of styles within this ring type.

From skinny to wide rings, to ones that have textured metals, you’re sure to find a piece to reflect your personality. Gemstone type of ring consists of any band that holds a gemstone, whether this be moonstone, rose quartz, turquoise, or so any others. With gemstones holding such a vast array of colours, there are options to have these pieces set in silver, gold, and rose gold!